Xal Ezra
Vital statistics
Title Argent University - Senior Researcher of Planar Studies
Nation Relecour
Physical attributes
Race Human
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Fighting Style Unknown


Xal is a Senior Research of Planar Studies at Argent University and one of the major character players in the upcoming game Argent: The Consortium..


"The calculations are made, the die is cast.  The only possibility is victory."


No one is quite sure when Xal Ezra joined the department of Planar Studies, or what his credentials are. Despite the lack of anyone’s recollection, he seems to have an impressive record of achievements recording a long span of work at Argent. Even though his colleagues swear they have never co-authored a scientific paper with him, their signatures and the university seal all match up, and so the Department of Planar Studies was forced to admit grudgingly that he must have been there all along.

Is Ezra a planar anomaly? Is he some outsider who got tired of not existing? Is he a visitor from a parallel but similar dimension? Was his past erased in some kind of accident? Or is he just an extremely forgettable old faculty member? We may never know. Despite (or perhaps because of) whatever mystery surrounds him, he is an exceptionally capable Planar Scientist. One can only wonder what fate Argent would have in store under his leadership.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Game appearances and playstyleEdit

Argent: The ConsortiumEdit

  • As a Senior Researcher of Planar Studies Xal has a greater pool of Purple Mages. 

Fate of IndinesEdit

  • Xal Ezra is a secret character for Fate, that can be downloaded once someone finds out the secret code.

Pixel Tactics Unit Edit

Dimensional Survey Squad
PTXal Appears in: Pixel Tactics 3 STR LIFE
Xal Ezra 2 17
Professor 1 5
Leader You can recruit to any empty slot in your unit, regardless of the current wave.
Vanguard Attack: Return this hero to your hand and recruit another hero in its place.
Flank Attack: Clear up to 3 corpses.
Rear Restructure up to 4 times.
Order Return an allied hero to your hand. Play another hero in its place.

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