Wardlaw O'Brien
Body Wardlaw
Vital statistics
Title Badass
Nation  ?
Physical attributes
Race Human
Sex M
Age  ?
Fighting Style Unknown


Wardlaw is a Backer's Choice character to be potentially included in Fate of Indines. His first appearance was in Seven Card Slugfest, as the main antagonist.



O'Brien is a villain to the core. Combining his already significant strength with the power of the mysterious Belt of Beatdown, O'Brien is capable of matching the strength of Daemons and Dragons alike. He travels the world of Indines, searching to gain more power by defeating the strongest fighters in the world.


Powers & Abilities

O'Brien is a grappler who throws opponents around the arena, slamming them into the ground and walls while walking through enemy attacks without flinching. His attacks are powerful and slow, but difficult to dodge.


Game appearances and playstyle

Fate of Indines

  • O'Brien's does extra damage when he can bash enemies into walls or throw them across the stage. He can charge his power to throw opponents even further, doing extra damage and controlling the positioning of the arena.

Seven Card Slugfest

  • Sinister villian who wants to rule all of Indines, and also sports a pretty epic mustache. His punches do more or less damage based on the drink token his opponent takes.

Pixel Tactics 3

Pixel Tactics Unit

Big Bad Brawling Battalion
PTOBrien Appears in: Pixel Tactics 3 STR LIFE
Wardlaw O'Brien 4 17
Brawler 3 5
Leader Heroes and leaders in this unit can make melee attacks, even when not 'in melee.'
Vanguard Melee attacks by heroes in your unit have +1 Attack Strength.
Flank Forerunner has +4 Life.
Rear +4 Attack Strength
Order Ongoing: Opponents' Flank and Rear heroes lose all abilities.

Seven Card Slugfest

Name Value Ability
Villainous Laugh 1 Taunt
Just Basics 2
Big Hit 3
The Easy Way 4
Drop Punch 2 Does Bonus/Penalty damage equal to target's drink token
High Impact 3 Does Bonus/Penalty damage equal to target's drink token
The Hard Way 4 Does Bonus/Penalty damage equal to target's drink token

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