Sophica is Dean of Technomancy at Argent University and one of the major character players in the game Argent: The Consortium .


  • “The created lack one trait all living students possess—flaws.”


Sophica is an artifiial intelligence, a golem created by the previous Dean of Technomancy, Gretelle Sentavra . Sophica was originally created as a pure AI, existing to manage the integrated computer systems in Rushe Hall. When she took control of the department’s Golem Laboratory one night to build herself a body, Sophica was given a position as a member of staf in recognition of her ambition and initiative.

Sophica’s combination of relentless effiency and archival knowledge did well for her in the sphere of Technomancy, and was eventually promoted to Vice Dean. When Dean Gretelle was crippled in a laboratory accident, she chose to take a leave of absence, appointing Sophica as the interim dean during her time off Sentavra is perhaps the most mysterious of the candidates for chancellorship, as Dean Gretelle asserts that she was not programmed with any kind of ultimate goal or responsibility. Instead, Sophica’s long term goals must arise from some mutation or fluctuation in programming.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Game appearances and playstyleEdit

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