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Simon is the buttler for the demon Malephaise family. Nothing else is known about him yet. His first appearance was as a tile in Sellswords, and he will also be a unit in Pixel Tactics: Seven Sisters.

Simon la Faucheuse
Vital statistics
Title Butler
Physical attributes
Sex Male
Fighting Style Unknown


First appears in Sellswords. Also appears in Pixel Tactics: Seven Sisters.




Pixel Tactics Unit Edit

The Butler Did It
PTSimon Appears in: Pixel Tactics: Seven Sisters STR LIFE
Simon la Faucheuse 2 18
Butler 1 3
Leader As an action, you may discard a card to defeat any hero with 4 or less life remaining.
Vanguard Attack: Defeat a hero.
Flank Attack: Clear a corpse. If you do, remove 2 damage from your leader.
Rear Whenever an effect would 'defeat a hero' you choose the target instead of its controller.
Order Defeat all heroes. Each opponent draws 1 card for each of his heroes defeated this way.


1 1
Does not compare numbers. Flip all adjacent tiles.

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