Sellswords splash

Draft your Guild, Plan your Attack, and Seize Victory!

Take to the field of battle in this intense head-to-head contest of wits and strategy. Use the diverse assortment of mercenaries at your disposal to capture strategic terrain and exploit your enemy’s weaknesses. With 50 different sellswords to compose your guild, no two battles will be the same!

Sellswords is a tile placement game for two players where heroes gather for the battle of a lifetime! Each of the 50 heroes has their own ability to help turn the tiles of battle in your favor!

List of Indines Characters in SellswordsEdit

While many Sellsword pieces feature generic soldiers and characters, some personalities of indines are included as part of the


Dice Tower on SellswordsEdit

Sellswords Review - with Tom Vasel and Zee Garcia10:37

Sellswords Review - with Tom Vasel and Zee Garcia

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