Baron Russel Zane
Vital statistics
Title Sorcerer Baron of Kor Karoli
Nation Relecour
Physical attributes
Race Human
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Fighting Style Unknown


First appeared in the lore of Devastation of Indines . He later appeared as one of the voters on Argent: The Consortium



Baron Rufus Zane is one of the major Barons of Relecour. His domains include the major trading port city of Kor Karoli and the grounds of Argent University. Baron Rufus Zane is a highly influential political power on Indines, holding one of the highest fortunes in the continent. He rules his domains from his seat of power at Chateau Zane.

The only heir to his fortune and power is his son Arec Russel Zane.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

While the extents of his powers are unknown, Rufus Zane is known across Indines as "The Sorcerer Baron". It is implied in his lore that he was a successful Sorcery student at Argent University, and he is still one of the major financial patrons of the institution.

Baron Zane is responsible for Arec Zane entrance on Argent depite the constant negatives of his son on pursuing magical studies.


Father of - > Arec Russel Zane

Game appearances and playstyleEdit

Argent: The Consortium

  • Rufus Zane is one of the voters of the Consortium.

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