Rikhi Kanhamme
Vital statistics
Title Head of Applied Sorcery at Argent University
Nation Jefferian
Physical attributes
Race Human
Sex Female
Age Unknown
Fighting Style Unknown


First featured in Argent: The Consortium  as a playable character from the sorcery department.

Quotes: Edit

"A student´s usefulness is inherent from his expendability"


Argent ’s Head of Applied Sorcery , and Argent’s own “Wicked Witch”.

An ex-military sergeant of the Jeffrian Mage Corps, Rikhi was discharged for using unscrupulous tactics that gave little regard to the well-being of the soldiers in her command. So many enlistees were wounded or disabled in her battalion that she earned the nickname ‘Bloody Rikhi’.

A self-professed devotee of the teachings of Archmage Calval (the historical villain who invented the discipline of War Magic) Rikhi has spent her time at Argent pursing her research in spells of mass destruction under the lax eye of Dean Larimore Burman .

It’s unclear what Rikhi’s true ambitions are—whether she just has the same unhealthy obsession with power drove Calval, or if her motives are darker. Either way, she has an excess of forceful spells and a shortage of moral inhibitions that make her a frightening competitor for the chancellorship of Argent.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Admires => Calval

Works Under => Larimore Burman

Game appearances and playstyleEdit

Argent: The ConsortiumEdit

Rikhi’s starter spell, Burnout, gives her the ability to sacrifice her own mages for more mana. This is especially handy if there are spaces in the university that give instant rewards (she can clear out her own students to grab the reward twice), or if Rikhi can get her hands on some of the Divinity Department’s healing spells.


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