Riflam Lenshear
Vital statistics
Title Argent University - Admissions Coordinator
Physical attributes
Race Human
Sex Male
Age  ???
Fighting Style Unknown


First appeared in Argent: The Consortium: 'Mancers of the University as a Player Candidate.

Quotes: Edit

  • "Education is destruction, refinement, transformation, and rebirth. It is the realization of alchemy’s principles applied to the mind and heart."
  • "Everything we know redefines how we see. To learn is to unlock a new world."


Riflam grew up under the care and tutelage of Argent’s Campus Director, Mannheim Wildern, and originally pursued Natural Magick. Every Nature Mage at Argent is required to spend a year traveling the world and studying the different forms nature takes. During these travels, Riflam encountered the science of Alchemy, and its principles resonated with him even more strongly than what he had learned in his studies of Natural Magick. Riflam returned to Argent and changed his major to Alchemy, proving to have a natural talent for the art.

After graduation, Riflam joined Argent as a member of the school’s administration. As admissions coordinator, he travels Indines and rounds up bright young students to come and study at the university. Like his tutor, Mannheim, Riflam has a long term goal of bringing education to the far reaches of his world, and in his spare time manages a charity that provides temples, schools, and local governments all across Indines with materials for primary education.

After the former chancellor of Argent University, Nostros Calahaan, retired from his seat, Riflam was chosen by the Consortium to be his successor.


Game appearances and playstyleEdit

Argent: The ConsortiumEdit

  • Riflam is one of the Technomancy candidates. In the World of Indines storyline, he is the canon winner of the Consortium election.

BattleCon OnlineEdit

  • Riflam is slated to appear as a digital exclusive character In BattleCON Online. Riflam's bases, styles and ante effects can permanently change the stats of his cards and his unique base doubles the effect of any changes made to it.