Type: Outsider - Outsiders are not native races to the World of Indines.

Rasps are living nightmares from the Plane of Shadows . They live for as long as they continue to be feared, and feed upon the fears of those around them. Rasps are masters of shadow magic and mind control magic . They are lightweight, dextrous, and can regenerate from wounds as long as they are not in direct sunlight. Light weakens their powers, but does not wholly disable them.

Like most extraplanar races, Rasps are not insane, but instead possess a different kind of sanity that puts them at odds with common sense and propriety within Indines. Only a few have managed to integrate themselves into the world in a sustainable long-term way. Most who appear in Indines are deported immediately by the Planestalkers .

Rasps in Indines must avoid crowded places, or use strong magics to suppress their natures, as their very presence causes panic. By fueling these racial traits with focused energy, Rasps can drive other creatures out of their wits, or even frighten them to death.

Despite common knowledge, they don't want everyone dead or ready to die--if there's nothing to lose then there's nothing to fear. They are the natural antithesis to the Virians, and they work against one another to pull Indines towards balance.

Rasps have usually grey skin and dark coloured eyes, and they are naturally skilled infiltrators, illusionists and Umbramancers .

Known Raps on Indines include:Edit

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