Pixel Tactics DeluxeEdit

Coming in 2015, Pixel Tactics Deluxe (or DX) expands the exciting world of Pixel Tactics with 25 brand new heroes! 

Deluxe is both a starter set and a collector’s box. Large enough to hold all of the other Pixel Tactics Games, Deluxe comes with two starter decks of well-rounded heroes, as well as a folded playmat, some high-quality tokens, and a big rulebook containing a variety of game modes. New game modes include Skirmish, Siege, Epic, Cross Duel, and Draft Tournament, to name a few!

Characters in Pixel Tactics DeluxeEdit

Every character in Pixel Tactics is also assigned a class related to their abilities. The characters in Pixel Tactics DX are taken from various parts of the Indines world, including the backer's choice characters for Fate of Indines. The 'paired' characters in this installment are Titans - Havoc and Burman (in dragon form).

PTUnderConstructionAbarene Unt Hallicris - Senator
PTUnderConstructionAbdel Ieyes - White Mage
PTUnderConstructionAndros DuValt - Silencer
PTUnderConstructionAndrus Dochartaigh - Twinblade
PTUnderConstructionCague Romane - Defender
PTUnderConstructionCin Atalar - Negotiator
PTUnderConstructionDareios Kuel - Brewmaster
PTUnderConstructionHavoc - Titan
PTUnderConstructionIvo Wyndham - Fencer
PTUnderConstructionJaimes Kalin - Hunter
PTUnderConstructionLarimore Burman - Titan
PTUnderConstructionLetum Conspicere - Undertaker
PTUnderConstructionLizaveta Turnay - Ranger
PTUnderConstructionLuca Demarq - Wizard
PTUnderConstructionLukas Wythe-Cariolis - Occultist
PTUnderConstructionLynssara Yuuno - Spiker
PTUnderConstructionMerjoram Alexian - Warrior
PTUnderConstructionOrman Kasper - Electromancer
PTUnderConstructionRayn Mordunne - Lancer
PTUnderConstructionRokan - Machinist
PTUnderConstructionRufus Zane - Sorceror
PTUnderConstructionRunika Zenanen - Tinkerer
PTUnderConstructionTegusgan - Cook
PTUnderConstructionUriah Qwelt - Reflector
PTUnderConstructionViona Larone - DJ
PTUnderConstructionXenitia Zook - Blood Mage

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