Pixel Tactics 3Edit

Coming in early 2014, Pixel Tactics 3 expands the exciting world of Pixel Tactics with 25 brand new heroes! 

Pixel Tactics 3 will also come with new play modes such as Epic Constructed (60-card decks), Cube Draft, and more that you can access by combining all 3 Pixel Tactics games (plus any mini-expansions)! 

Characters in Pixel Tactics 3Edit

Every character in Pixel Tactics is also assigned a class related to their abilities. The characters in Pixel Tactics 3 are mostly taken from BattleCon: Strikers and Argent: The Consortium, although some slots are filled by BattleCon characters. The 'paired' characters in this third installment are the brawlers from 7 Card Slugfest.

PTAlexianAlexian XXXVII - General
PTAliceAlice Zero - Failsafe
PTAlumisAlumis - Shadow
PTUnderConstructionArchmage Demarq - Elementalist
PTAriaAria - Drone
PTArretArret Draamivaar - Dispatcher
PTBarnabasBarnabas Mikal - Spy
PTCherriCherri Seneca - Dreamseer
PTDocSilnanDoc Silnan - Assistant
PTEireenEireen Lemina Kobor - Huntress
PTEnderbytEndrbyt - Repossessor
PTExhufernExhufern Le Marigras - Dryad
PTGasparGaspar Geddon - Doomspeaker
PTGerardGerard Matranga - Mercenary
PTGilGill Gorgeous - Gunslinger
Hero3Set022EustaceLord Eustace - Baron
PTMilquetoastMinyard Milquetoast - Brawler
PTOrianaOriana Vellopholetta - Galaxy Mage
PTRixiaRixia Van Sorrel - Calculator
PTUnderConstructionTrias Blackwind - Adventurer
PTUdstadUdstad - Golem
PTVarlesVarles - Zone Warrior
PTOBrienWardlaw O'Brien - Brawler
PTWilhelmWilhelm Barts - Gambler
PTXalXal Ezra - Professor
PTUnderConstructionYinsei Arlington - Coordinator

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