Patient Six
Patient Six
Vital statistics
Title Sinister Experiment
Physical attributes
Sex Male
Fighting Style Unknown


Patient Six is a backer created character, one of the Custom Character Pack Rewards for the original BattleCon Kickstarter. Designed for Andre McInnis and illustrated by Nokomento, only 15 copies of this character exist.



Patient Six is a failed experiment to create docile controllable assassin, who could be remotely triggered to go into a berserk killing rage on command. He has been incarcerated in a secret government asylum and has just recently escaped.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Game appearances and playstyleEdit

BattleCon: War of IndinesEdit


Character Kit in BattleConEdit

Unique AbilitiesEdit

Ability Name Character Version Description
Split Personality Original Patient Six has mood coin with Rage on one side, and Despair on the other. During the ante step of each beat, flip Patient Six's mood token. If you do not like the flip you may pay two life for an additional flip any number of times.

If the coin shows Rage, Patient Six has +1 Power and +1 Priority. If the coin shows Despair, Patient Six has Stun Guard 3. Some effects depend on his mood as well.

Special Thanks to Kickstarter Supporter Andre McInnis!

Personal Styles and BasesEdit

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow Psychotic +0 +0 +1 On Hit, Rage: Push the opponent 2 spaces.

On Hit, Despair: The opponent is stunned.

Red-diamond Paranoia +0 +0 -3 Stun Immunity

Despair: Soak 2

Before Activating, Rage: If you were hit this turn, this attack has +2 power.

Green-tri Frenzied +0~1 +1 +1 Rage: If you are hit during this beat, you are automatically stunned.

Despair: If you are hit during this beat, take 2 additional damage.

Blue-circle Manic +0 +0 +0 Despair: Stun Guard 3

Reveal, Rage: +1 Power and +1 Priority.

Orange-pent Demented +0 +0 +1 Before Activating, Rage: Move forwards any number of spaces.

After Activating, Despair: Move backwards any number of spaces.

Grey Schism 1~2 3 3 You may utilize both Rage and Despair effects during this turn. You still only receive the stat bonus for the face shown on your coin.
FINISHER Deconstruction 1 3 5 Before Activating: Advance 1 or 2 spaces.

Rage: +5 Power.

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