Nabatina Malephaise
Vital statistics
Title Judge
Nation Infernal
Physical attributes
Race Daemon
Sex Female
Fighting Style Unknown


First appeared in Devastation of Indines.  Also appears in Pixel Tactics: Seven Sisters.


A thousand years ago, dragons ruled the world, enslaving the lesser races and setting themselves up in grand palaces and luxury. Among them, the Dragon King Greyheart was the most powerful, standing as an almost godly ruler among his peers. Nabatina was his spouse and lover.

However, Nabatina's sister, Adjenna, as any other dragon, lusted for more power for herself. Occupying a place by the side of Greyheart seemed like a valid aspiration. The details are shady but the outcome of Adjenna's plans resulted on Nabatina becoming a demon.

By the power hungry standards of the draconic culture Adjenna proved herself to be worthier than her, thus becoming the bride and mate of Greyheart for several centuries to come.

Nabatina became thus the first of the Malephaise sisters, set to live on the Afterworld for eternity.



Pixel Tactics Unit Edit

Afterworld Assult Force
PTNabatina Appears in: Pixel Tactics: Seven Sisters STR LIFE
Nabatina Malephaise 0 20
Judge 4 5
Leader Whenever a corpse is cleared by another player, it is placed into your hand instead of being discarded.
Vanguard Attack: Clear an enemy corpse, then do 4 damage to each enemy hero adjacent to it.
Flank Attack: Discard 2 cards to return a corpse to life.
Rear It takes opponents 1 extra action to clear Vanguard corpses.
Order Ongoing: Place the top card of your deck into your unit as a corpse. Repeat this up to 2 more times.

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