Monad Riverime
Vital statistics
Title Argent University Auditor
Nation Northlands
Physical attributes
Race Half water elemental.
Sex Male
Age  ???
Fighting Style Unknown


First appeared in Argent: The Consortium:as a Player Candidate.

Quotes: Edit

  • “We are defined not by what we have done, but what we seek to do.”


Monad is a half-water elemental who hails from the northern reaches of the country . With a strong sense of justice and propriety, he has wandered the world as a Templar before settling down at Argent. Having met Chancellor Calahaan in his previous adventures, Monad secured from his friend a position as university auditor, granting him the powers to watch over the activities of professors (particularly the dangerous experiments of the various departments’ research arms). Not officially affiliated with any department, Monad identifies most closely with Divinity due to his training as a Templar, though his actual specialty is in Natural Magick . He also finds himself chastising Divinity professors the least often of the departments (though they are just as dangerous as the rest at the end of the day).


Game appearances and playstyleEdit

Argent: The Consortium

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