Minyard Milquetoast
Vital statistics
Title Unknown
Nation Unknown
Physical attributes
Race Human
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Fighting Style Unknown


First appeared in Seven Card Slugfest as a playable character.  Also appears in Pixel Tactics 3.




Game appearances and playstyleEdit

Seven Card SlugfestEdit

  • Wandering hero who has sworn to put an end to O'Brien's sinister plot. He punches stack together, making it easier to land knockouts with a well-placed leading strike.

Pixel Tactics 3Edit

Pixel Tactics UnitEdit

Real Rad Roundhouse Ruiners
PTMilquetoast Appears in: Pixel Tactics 3 STR LIFE
Minyard Milquetoast 4 17
Brawler 3 5
Leader Heroes and leaders in this unit can make melee attacks, even when not 'in melee.'
Vanguard Melee attacks by heroes in your unit have +1 Attack Strength.
Flank Forerunner has +4 Life.
Rear +4 Attack Strength
Order Ongoing: Opponents' Flank and Rear heroes lose all abilities.

Seven Card SlugfestEdit

Name Value Ability
Flourish 1 Taunt
Knuckle Sandwich 1
Unprovoked Attack 2
Knightly Knuckle 3
Overhead Spike 1 Move the next Milquetoast card in the stack to the top
Underhand Punch 2 Move the next Milquetoast card in the stack to the top
Have Another! 3 Move the next Milquetoast card in the stack to the top

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