Merjoram Alexian
Body Merjoram
Vital statistics
Title Crown Princess
Nation Jeffreys
Physical attributes
Race Human
Sex F
Age  ?
Fighting Style Unknown


Merjoram was a Backer's Choice character to be potentially included in Fate of Indines.



Merjoram is the daughter of King Alexian XXXVII, and the crown princess of Jeffreys. Like her father, she stands taller than any soldier in the kingdom, and wields a massive weapon that no ordinary soldier could brandish. As her father nears the end of his reign and retirement, Merjoram searches for a noble quest to complete and become worthy of her father's crown.


Powers & Abilities

Merjoram uses a heavy warhammer in combat, and smashes through enemy defenses with a wide selection of skills that break soak or bypass guard. She fights effectively at both melee and middle ranges


Game appearances and playstyle

Fate of Indines

  • Merjoram accumulates Valor tokens when she is hit. She is able to spend these for increased power, or to utilize many of her effects.

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