Merjoram Alexian
Body Merjoram
Vital statistics
Title Crown Princess
Nation Jeffreys
Physical attributes
Race Human
Sex F
Age  ?
Fighting Style Unknown


Merjoram is a promo character included as a stretch goal in Trials of Indines.



Merjoram is the daughter of King Alexian XXXVII, and the crown princess of Jeffreys. Like her father, she stands taller than any soldier in the kingdom, and wields a massive weapon that no ordinary soldier could brandish. As her father nears the end of his reign and retirement, Merjoram searches for a noble quest to complete and become worthy of her father's crown.


Powers & Abilities

Merjoram uses a heavy warhammer in combat, and often spends several rounds relying on her defenses to trade blows with opponents while she positions herself for an exceptionally powerful strike. She fights effectively at both melee and middle ranges


Game appearances and playstyle

Trials of Indines

  • Merjoram has two tactics cards. Each turn, she may ante one of these face down. Her core mechanic involves a guessing game as to whether she will have higher, or lower power than her opponent in a given beat.

Character Kit in BattleCON

Unique Ability

Ability Name Character Version Description
Battlefield Tactics Original Merjoram has two Tactics cards and begins the duel with both of them. She can ante one of them each Beat face-down (so the opponent does not know which has been anted until the Reveal step). These cards return to her Supply at the end of each beat.

Personal Styles and Bases

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Questing +0 -1 -1 Stun Guard 2

Before Activating: Advance 1 or 2 spaces.

After Activating: Retreat 1 or 2 spaces.

Golden +0 +0 +0 Soak 2, Stun Guard 2

After Activating: If you hit the opponent or you were hit this Beat, advance 1 or 2 spaces.

After Activating: The nearest opponent has +2 Power next Beat.

Warrior +0 +2 +2 Before Activating: Each opponent with lower Priority than you may retreat up to 3 spaces.

Before Activating: If you have lower Priority than any opponent, you may advance 1 or 2 spaces.

Crown +0 -1 +1 Stun Guard 5

Before Activating: If you were hit this beat, gain +2 Power.

Royal +0 +0 +1 On Hit: The opponent has -2 Power next Beat.

After Activating: You have +1 Power next Beat.

Warhammer 1~2 4 3 Soak 1, Stun Guard 4

End of Beat: Move 1 space.

FINISHER Foehammer 1~2 6 3 Soak 3, Stun Guard 2

On Hit: Push the opponent as far as possible.

After Activating: Advance until you are adjacent to the opponent.

FINISHER Blitzhammer 1 3 10 This attack ignores Stun Guard.

On Hit: The opponent has -4 Priority next Beat.

Tactics Cards

Tactics Card Effect
Press the Attack Reveal: If your printed Power is higher than the opponent's printed Power, gain +2 Power.
Ready Defenses Reveal: If your printed Power is lower than the opponent's printed Power, gain Soak 2.