Lucius is an original character created by Nokomento, that appears in several ilustrations on her Deviantart page. During the Kickstarter for War of Indines Remastered, he became a new crossover promo for BattleCON.

Character Kit in BattleConEdit

Unique AbilitiesEdit

Ability & Subtitle Character Version Description
Chained Fury


Original Lucius has 3 Shackle Cards which all begin locked. Each time he stuns an opponent, he can choose to do no damage to that opponent (all damage from his attack is reversed) in order to unlock a Shackle Card and flip it over.

Lucius’ unlocked Shackle Cards provide constant bonuses.

Personal Styles and BasesEdit

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow Lightning +0 +0 -1 This attack has +0~1 Range for each Shackle Card you have unlocked.

On Damage: Move directly to any space behind the opponent.

Red Dancing +0 +0 -1 Before Activating: Move 1 space.

After Activating: Move 1 space.

End of Beat: Move 1 space.

Green Deft +0 +0 +0 Stun Guard 3

On Damage: The opponent discards a base of their choice with their current Attack Pair.

Blue Agile +0 -1 -2 If your Priority is 1 greater or 1 less than the opponent, the opponent cannot hit you.

End of Beat: Move 1 or 2 spaces.

Orange Sliding +0 -1 +0 Before Activating: Advance 3 spaces. Gain +1 Power if you did not switch sides with an opponent by this movement, and -1 Power if you did.
Grey Somersault 1 3 4 This attack ignores Soak and Stun Guard.

Before Activating: Move 2 spaces.

FINISHER Power Sealing 1~3 1 5 On Hit: Lock all of your Unlocked Shackle Cards. For each Shackle Card you locked, this attack gains +3 Power.
FINISHER Skyfall Strike 1 7 8 Before Activating: Move 4 or more spaces.

Shackle CardsEdit

Card Name Card Effect
Emerald Shackle You have Stun Guard 2
Sapphire Shackle You have +2 Priority.
Ruby Shackle You have +2 Power.

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