Lucida Malephaise
Body Lucida
Vital statistics
Title Daemon Sister
Nation Infernal
Physical attributes
Race Daemon (previously Elvan)
Sex F
Age  ?
Fighting Style Unknown


Lucida is a Backer's Choice character to be potentially included in Fate of Indines. Her first appearance was in Devastation's BattleQuest mode, in the Well of Eternity boss rush dungeon, and she also appears in Pixel Tactics: Seven Sisters.



The Daemons of Indines are dangerous and rare beings, each holding a single piece of the Daemon King Malephaise's body, and drawing great power from it. Lucida is level-headed and pragmatic, and serves as a field-level coordinator for the plans of the infernals.


Powers & Abilities

Lucida wields two bracelets, the Jaws of Malephaise. Lucida was an Elvan druidess in her life before becoming a Daemon, and the Jaws of Malephaise have reversed her connection to nature and life, giving her the power to consume it and grow stronger.


Game appearances and playstyle

Fate of Indines

  • Each time Lucida lands an attack against an opponent, she saps one of that opponent's stats for the next beat and stores it. Later on, she can use the stolen stat to buff herself.

Pixel Tactics

The Taste of Power
PTLucida Appears in: Pixel Tactics: Seven Sisters STR LIFE
Lucida Malephaise 0 19
Temptress 4 5
Leader Once per wave as a action, you may choose an enemy Hero. That Hero cannot perform any attack action this wave, and this Leader's Attack Strength becomes equal to its Attack Strength.
Vanguard Attack: Defeat another Vanguard hero in this unit. Apply damage equal to its power to all enemy Vanguard heroes.
Flank Your leader has +2 Attack Strength.
Rear +4 Attack Strength
Order Defeat any number of heroes in your unit. Remove 2 damage from your leader for each hero defeated this way.


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