BattleCon: Light & Shadow

Announced as part of the War Remastered kickstarter campaign, Light & Shadow is a small-box expansion for BattleCon that was initially priced at $15. 

Light & Shadow is a small-box expansion to BattleCON (about 120 cards or so) that includes higher-powered versions of all Fighters and the cards necessary to play them. These fighters are great for playing epic, higher-powered duels, or for going toe to toe against 2 or 3 normal fighters simultaneously.

Light and Shadow contains:

  • 60 EX versions of existing fighters, with alternate UA cards.
  • 60 Almighy versions of existing fighters, with alternate UA cards.
  • 2 Sets of EX bases
  • 2 Sets of Almighty bases
  • Rules and Variants for EX and Almighty Modes

The EX and Almighty modes previously existed in text form for most characters, but Light & Shadow updates these and provides physical cards. As a consequence, the Ex/Almighty information for War characters has been removed from the Remastered edition of War. Light & Shadow is expected to include all characters to date.

As a later stretch goal in the Kickstarter campaign, Light & Shadow was upgraded to use foil for the character portraits. 


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