Jion Erjon
Vital statistics
Title Honour Council Chief Justice at Argent University.
Nation Jeffreys
Physical attributes
Race Human
Sex Male
Age  ???
Fighting Style Unknown


First appeared in Argent: The Consortium as a Player Candidate.

Quotes: Edit

  • “What meaning is there in victory without honor?”


Hailing from the nation of Jeffreys , Jion is training at Argent in preparation for life as a Templar (a wandering judge) in his homeland. With a strong sense of integrity and core guiding principles, Jion is conflicted over the future of the university and his own position within it. On the one hand, he recognizes the need for reforms that Trias proposes, but on the other, he is wary of giving power to the students as much as giving it to the professors. In addition to his duties on the Honor Council, Jion works with Monad Riverime to help manage the Order of the Silver Shield, Argent’s security force, which is made up of students and professors alike. Jion has created his own plan for the Consortium–to give Argent a parliamentary system where student government and faculty can work together to decide the school’s future.


Works with -> Monad Riverime

Game appearances and playstyleEdit

Argent: The Consortium

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