Type: Natural - Natural creatures are those which appear naturally within Indines.

Humans are the civilization-builders and innovators of Indines. Humans have quick wits and an aptitude for all things spiritual, making them excellent users of magic–especially Divinity,Mysticism and Sorcery . Humans are physically less capable than many other races in the world, but their qualities of empathy and collective development have made them one of the most prevalent races in the world.

The World of Indines (or Prime World as is known to Chaons) sits at the center of all the planes and the cosmical leylines that hold it together demand that all existent beings present are "unified beings". This is, that all conciousness/souls have a physical body that belongs to it. Thus a physical body is a condition that must be fulfilled to exist in the world.

Humans are the only creatures in Indines with "souls" separated from their physical bodies. As long as they are both tied together they exist in the world, but as they are not directly intertwined their physical manifestations, they are not perennial, thus withering and dying of old age. Once their physical body is destroyed, however, humans souls live on and fly to the Afterworld .

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