Type: Created - These individuals exist by the use of magic or technology, rather than natural phenomenon.

Homunculi are creatures created with alchemy . Most homunculi are simply non-sentient automata. That is, advanced living machines that exist to do factory work, synthesize compounds, or loyally obey a master. A few homunculi are created with advanced brains capable of self-aware thought. Others are created by a modifying a living creature’s genome to operate by different principles than normal. In any case, Homunculi are tailor-made creatures. Each one is unique, and not part of any kind of definable species.

Each homunculus has a different physiology, and may operate on different principles. Redundant organs, the ability to metabolize poisons, and rapid regenerative powers are common among homunculi. Because of the radically different composition of its body a Homunculus’s blood is usually toxic to any creature other than itself.

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