Vital statistics
Title The Devastation
Physical attributes
Race Disaster
Fighting Style Boss


First appeared as a backer-created boss character in Devastation of Indines.

Quotes: Edit


Kajia looked out from the mountains, watching the storm draw closer across their peaks. She could see its face, and she knew its name from her dreams. “So it starts. The Disasters have returned to Indines.” She turned her back to the billowing clouds, arced with fire, lightning, and frost. Before her stood the heroes she had assembled to join her for this fateful moment. 

“Whatever your motives for fighting, we’re all a part of this world, and we must all stand together against what comes to destroy it. Everything is at stake–your land, your glory, your freedom, and your lives. Who will stand with me and fight back against Devastation?”


Powers & AbilitiesEdit


Game appearances and playstyleEdit

BattleCon: Devastation of IndinesEdit

  • Havoc appears as a boss character in Devastation.


Devastation BossEdit

Havok is a Boss for 3 or 4 opponents. He fights by placing his attacks along the boards, and the range of each attack is the spaces his cards are touching, and then placing Priority Counters on top of each attack. If Havok is Stunned, the opponent removes one of his unexecuted attacks from the board, but if that attack has a Burst effect, it is activated imediately.


Name Power Effects Burst Effects
Storm Front 2 After Activating: Future Attacks by you this beat have +1 Power
Avalanche 5 The Range of this attack is all spaces between its area and your core. Oponents in its range are not affected by it Lose 3 life, than each opponent loses 1 life.
Meteor 6 After the current player's activation ends, discard another attack's Priority Counter and execute it.
Calamity 3 Do 4 damage to opponents in this attack's range.
Shifting Earth 3 After Activating: All opponents have -1 Power. All oponents have -2 Power and Havok has Armor 3.
Spike 7 You lose 2 life.
Vulcan 6 This attack has +1 Power for each of your attacks that has aready been executed and -1 Power for each attack of yours not yet executed this beat.
Step Leader 2

This attack ignores Stun Guard.

On Hit: Move each opponent hit by this attack 1 or 2 spaces. Future attacks this beat have +3 Power against these opponents

Thunderclap 4 This attack ignores Soak.
Blast Wind 3 After Activating: Move each opponent 1 space away from this attack's center Move each opponent up to 2 spaces away from this attack's center.
Hailstorm 4 On Hit: Move each opponent 1 or 2 spaces
Gale Winds 3 After Activating: Move another face-down attack one slot left or right (no two attacks may occupy the same space).
Downdraft 0 Do 5 damage to each opponent within this attack's range.
Chain of Destruction 3

On Hit: Move the opponent 1 space.

On Hit: Discard another attack's Priority Counter, then flip and execute it.

Priority CountersEdit

Priority Value Effect
2 +2 Power
4 +1 Power
5 No Effect
6 -1 Power

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