Type: Outsider - Outsiders are not native races to the World of Indines.

Ghosts are the natives of the Afterworld , a plane that is separated from Indines by death. The process by which individuals from Indines cross over into the Afterworld and become ghosts is still not very well understood. Only humans become ghosts, and many believe humans are just ‘cocoons’ for the ghosts inside of them.

Ghosts are creatures of neither magic nor flesh. Instead they seem governed by an entirely different set of physics and boundaries more based on emotion and perception than on logic and physicality.

While dead human souls gravitate naturally toward the Afterworld, complex necromantic rituals can keep a soul tied to the world as a Ghost. A Ghost is intangible and is able to posess other soulless objects to manipulate them as if they were instilled with life.

Divinity mages can also summon ghosts to their body to allow them to interact with the tangible world.

Known Ghosts in IndinesEdit

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