Gear cardsEdit

The Gear cards come from the Armory expansion to BattleCon, which is compatible with any of the other boxes War, Devastation, and Fate. They are added to your character at a gold cost specified on the card when playing with the Custom Fighter mode or the Custom Draft mode. They are used at the time specified on the card itself, which is almost always as an Ante.

There are 2 types of Gear cards: Consumables and Trinkets.


Consumables are one-time use items. Once one is used, the card is removed from the game for the rest of the duel.

Name Gold Cost Effect
Alkahest 5 Ante: Your attacks ignore Soak
Spirits 5

Ante: Switch your discard piles

Bottled Rage 5 Ante: You have +2 Power to your next attack this beat
Mana Elixir 10 Ante: You have "End of Beat: Choose and regain a token from your Token Discard or Discard Piles"
Metabolic Booster 10

Ante: You have +4 Priority

Tonic 10 Ante: Your power and priority cannot be reduced below their printed values on your attack pair during this beat. (This effect only applies to penalties applied by opponents)
Life Potion 10 Ante: You have "On Damage: regain 3 life."
Elixir of Life 20 Ante: You have "On Damage: Regain 4 life."
Liquid Lightning 20

Ante: Move directly to any space

Shield Tonic 25

Ante: You have Stun Immunity

Bursting Vial 30 Ante: When you reveal, perform a Pulse. (Rearrange all standups on the board, negate the opponent's attack, and skip directly to recycle. Do not advance the Beat Timer.)
Arcane Eye 30 Ante: When you reveal, perform a Cancel (before reveal effects activate, place the opponent's revealed attack pair in their discard pile 1. Both players now set new attack pairs.)
Limit Break 30 Ante: When you reveal, activate your Finisher instead of your regular attack pair. You may not ante this item unless you have 7 or less life. Remove your Finisher from the game. It cannot be used again by any other means during this duel.
Mana Well 40 Ante: Treat this as a copy of any of your Token in your token pool.

Trinkets Edit

Trinkets are re-usable. When used, they are placed in the player's Discard Pile 1, and they cycles like attack pairs.

Name Gold Cost Effect
Unbreakable Box 5 Ante: If your life would drop below 1 this beat, your life becomes 1, you become stunned and remove this trinket from the game instead.
Azure Shroud 10 Ante: You ignore all penalties to Priority applied by opponents.
Healing Stone 10

Ante: You have "End of Beat: If you are not stunned, regain 1 life."

Royal Crown 10 Ante: Ignore all movement effects applied to you by opponents this beat.
Sprinting Shoes 15 Ante: You have +1 Priority.
Dark Rosary 20 Ante: You ignore life loss inflicted by your opponents this beat.
Power Glove 20

Ante: You have +1 Power to your next attack this beat.

Red Lion Crest 20 Reveal: If you have Stun Guard 5 or greater, gain Stun Immunity.
Velori's Chalice 20 Ante: Gain 2 life.
Displacer Charm 30 Ante: Move 1 space.
Spell Canceller 30 Ante: When you are hit this beat, On Hit and On Damage effects do not trigger.
Sword of Flame 30 Ante: This attack ignores Soak.
Brambled Rune 35 Ante: Declare a range other than your current range to any opponent. Your next attack this beat includes that range.
Phantasmagoric Flame 35 Ante: All Fighters lose 2 life and gain +1 Power to their next attack this beat.
Time Prism 35 Ante: Gain or lose up to 2 Priority. For each point of priority you gain, lose 1 Power. For each point of priority you lose, gain 1 Power. The Power gain is only to your next attack this beat.
Hourglass of Fate 40 Ante: Spend up to 4 life for +1 Priority per life spent.
Sacred Shield 40 Ante: You cannot take more than 3 damage this beat and gain "Reveal: Lose all Stun Guard and Soak."
Shadow Salve 40 Before Activating: Retreat up to 1 space, and you have +0~1 Range.
Shuttered Lantern 40 Ante: Your attack ignores Stun Guard. You have -1 Power and -2 Priority this beat.
Soul Saver 45 Ante: You cannot take more than 4 damage this beat. You attack does not hit an opponent who did damage to you this beat.
Phase Cloak 45 Ante: Announce a range that is not your current range to any opponent. Attacks at that range do not hit you during this beat.
Ancient Stone Tablet 50 Ante: No player's Power, Priority, or Range can be increased above the printed values on their cards this beat.
Autodeflector 50 Ante: You have Soak 2.
Force Pyramid 50 Ante: Opponents cannot move past you this beat.
Red Mask 50 Ante: You have Stun Guard 3. if you are hit during this beat, gain +2 Power to your next attack this beat.
Discordant Violin 50 Ante: All Fighters place their face-down bases into Discard Pile 2, then place new bases face-down as part of their attack pairs.
Vanishing Staff 60 Ante: Attacks at Range 1 do not hit you this beat.
Lighting Totem 70 Ante: This attack ignores Stun Guard.
Skyfeather 80 Ante: Move directly to any space.

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