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Framboise Malephaise
Vital statistics
Title Soothsayer
Nation Infernal
Physical attributes
Race Daemon
Sex Female
Fighting Style Unknown


First appeared in in Devastation of Indines.  Also appears in Pixel Tactics: Seven Sisters.




Pixel Tactics Unit Edit

Disingenuous Doomsayers
PTFramboise Appears in: Pixel Tactics: Seven Sisters STR LIFE
Framboise Malephaise 4 18
Soothsayer 2 5
Leader Clearing corpses in a free action for you. Each time you use the basic 'clear a corpse' action, you may take an extra action.
Vanguard When this hero does damage with an attack, your leader regains 2 life.
Flank Opposing Vanguard heroes have -2 attack strength.
Rear Ranged Attack
Order Ongoing: All corpses in your unit are treated as live copies of this hero during your turns.

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