The new Special Action Card

The Force Gauge is a set of optional rules that changes the gameplay of BattleCON by adding a new level of power management and options to the fighters.

Force PointsEdit

Each fighter begins with 2 Force Points, and it caps at 10. The new Life Counters have an option to keep track of the Force as well. Every End of Beat, a fighter gains 1 Force Point, or 2 if he is under 7 Life.


During the Ante Phase, a fighter may pay 2 Force Point to get a boost to his attack. There are 4 boosts, and each can be used only once per Beat:

  • +2 Priority
  • +1 Power
  • +1 Soak
  • Stun Guard 2

Pulse and CancelEdit

The Force Gauge also brings a new way to Pulse. At the End of Beat, a fighter may pay 7 Force to either move 3 spaces or move an adjacent opponent 3 spaces. This Version of Pulse no longer stops an attack and only one character can Pulse per Beat.

Cancel does not exist on the Force Gauge variation.

New Special CardEdit

The new Special Card for the Force Gauge has only two uses. When its played and the character has Force equal or larger than his Life, it activates his Overdrive Finisher, that now costs Force equal to the current life total of the character. Its then removed from the game.

On the other hand, if the character has less Force than Life, the character activates a Switch: he gains a Force Point on reveal and may choose to flip his Overdrive card to the other side. He then executes his base as a regular attack. It can Clash normally, as if the Switch action was a blank Style. It then goes to the Discard Pile and cicles like any other attack pairs

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