Eliza is the mascot for Level 99 Games, originally designed by Katrina Lin, and a promo character for War of Indines Remastered.

Eliza has different modes that give her different powers through the matches.

Character Kit in BattleConEdit

Unique AbilitiesEdit

Ability & Subtitle Character Version Description
Realm Bound


Original Eliza has 4 Genre Cards, and begins a Duel with two of them in her Supply and one in each of her Discard Piles.

Whenever she hits an opponent, she can choose and activate up to two Genre Cards in her Supply. Whenever she does this, the chosen Genre Cards take effect. Any Genre Cards she used this beat go to the discard with her current Attack Pair and recycle.

Genre Cards that cycle back to her hand return to her Supply and can be used again.

Whenever an opponent hits Eliza, that opponent may choose and discard one of the Genre Cards in her Supply with her current Attack Pair (the opponent does not gain the effect).

Personal Styles and BasesEdit

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow Indexing +0 +0 +0 This attack gains +1 Priority for each Genre Card in your Discard Piles.

On Damage: Move all Genre Cards in your Discard Pile 1 to your Discard Pile 2.

Red Literary +0 -1 +2 Before Activating: Advance 1 space.

After Activating: Retreat 2 spaces.

Green Serial +0 -1 -1 After Activating: If you used exactly two of your Genre Cards with this attack, you may repeat this attack.
Blue Anthology +1~2 +0 +0 This attack gains Stun Immunity if you have no Genre Cards in your Supply.

Start of Beat: If you have all 4 of your Genre Cards in your Supply, you may discard them all to your Discard Pile 1 to become Active Player.

Orange Tome +0 +0 -2 Stun Guard 1 for each Genre Card in your Discard Piles.

Before Activating: Discard any number of Genre Cards with this attack for no effect to pull the opponent 1 space and gain +1 Power for each Genre Card.

Grey Worldbook 1~6 4 1 Stun Guard 3
FINISHER Between the Lines 1~6 2 5 On Hit: Activate and discard a Genre Card. If you did, repeat this attack.
FINISHER Genre Cross 2 0 8 Before Activating: Discard all of your Genre Cards. Gain +2 Power per Genre Card discarded this way.
Genre Cards
Name Effect
The Wonder On Hit: You have +2 Power next Beat.
The Veil On Hit: Move the opponent to any space behind you.
The Grim On Hit: Move directly adjacent to the opponent.
The Beyond On Hit: This attack ignores Soak.

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