Elgala Richiese
Vital statistics
Title Mage
Nation Relecour
Physical attributes
Race Human
Sex Female
Fighting Style Unknown


First appeared in one of Gerard's Mercenary Cards in Devastation of Indines.  Also appears in Argent:The Consortium and Pixel Tactics: The Price of Victory.




Game appearances and playstyleEdit

Devastation of Indines

  • Elgala is one of Gerard's Mercenary Cards.  She can increase his power and priority at any given beat if he pays her fees.

Pixel Tactics: The Price of VictoryEdit


Pixel Tactics UnitEdit

Power At Any Cost
PTElgala Appears in: Pixel Tactics: The Price of Victory STR LIFE
Elgala Richiese 2 18
Mage 2 4
Leader At the start of each wave put a Magic Counter on to this Leader. When you recruit a Hero you may move up to 3 Magic Counters from this Leader to that card. Heroes have +1 Life and +1 Attack Strength for each counter on them.
Vanguard Your Vanguard Heroes have +2 life.
Flank Attack: Discard a card to give your leader +4 Attack Strength.
Rear Your Rear Heroes have +2 Attack Strength.
Order Defeat an enemy hero, then add this card to its controller's hand.

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