Dravil Coldwater
Body Dravil
Vital statistics
Title Wanderer
Nation Northlands
Physical attributes
Race Half-Elemental (Water)
Sex Male
Age  ?
Fighting Style Unknown


Dravil was one of the Backer's Choice characters to be potentially included in Devastation, finishing 12th out of 13 choices.  He also appears in Pixel Tactics 2.

As of the War: Remastered Kickstarter campaign, Dravil is once again featured as a potential backer's choice character.

Quotes: Edit


In the distant north, beyond unexplored mountains, is an ancient land shrouded in ice. Populated entirely by elementals and cut off from other civilizations, a unique culture has sprung up within frozen cities carved into stone. Dravil is a half-elemental who has ventured south across the great mountains, and into Indines in search of adventures and stories to tell.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Dravil utilizes a flute to control water during battle. The ebb and flow of his attacks is regulated by the pace of the music and the changing of the tides.


Game appearances and playstyleEdit

Devastation of Indines / War of Indines Extended EditionEdit

  • Dravil has two forms. The form he utilizes depends on which side of the opponent he stands on. In order to manage his forms, he possesses a great deal of mobility and the ability to manipulate the spacing of opponents.

Pixel Tactics 2

Pixel Tactics UnitEdit

Tides of Battle
PTDravil Appears in: Pixel Tactics 2 STR LIFE
Dravil Coldwater 4 15
Chronicler 1 4
Leader At the end of each wave, you may move one damage from any hero or leader to any other hero or leader.
Vanguard Attack: Move all damage from this hero to any other hero of your choice.
Flank Attack: Choose two heroes in your unit, and transfer any amount of damage between them.
Rear Attack: Move 1 damage from your leader to this hero and move 1 damage from you leader to an opposing leader.
Order Move up to 4 damage from your leader to a hero.

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