All worlds flow in an arc from the start of the universe towards the end.

The Minus World doesn´t have much time left: on the edge of the void, the pieces of it´s reality are already breaking off. Time and space fold in on themselves to create an endless labyrinth of shadows, echoes, and twisted reflections of all that is or was.


The Doppelgangers are the most ancient race across all the planes. The minds and motivations of these individuals are often as broken as their world—they operate according to plots and designs which ordinary individuals cannot fathom, often operating by logic that defies causality and time.


As the oldest plane in the universe the inhabitants of the Minus World have magic and technologies that are unheard of thus far.

Doppelgangers can peer through dimensional portals, and their land is riddled with them. They, survive in this inhospitable negaverse by watching history play out across the endless mirrors. In accordance with its nature, a doppelganger quickly learns to duplicate the features, skills, and weapons he sees. Given time, one may even take on the habits, morality, and goals of an individual rare enough to hold his attention.


It is known that some Dopplegangers serve the Naught, a mysterious alien deity that is said to be composed of 'all things, possibilities, and beings which never were, or which have yet to be.'

List of known DoppelgangersEdit

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