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Doc Silnan
Vital statistics
Physical attributes
Race Human
Sex Male
Fighting Style Unknown


First appeared in Strikers as a backer created character.




Game appearances and playstyleEdit



Strikers Edit

STRIKER Doc Silnan
Universal Greeting Support 1 Opponents at range 1 do not hit you.

Before activating: Advance 1 space.

Lost in Translation Ante Revel effects are ignored during this beat.
Culture Shock Boost Name one effect trigger. If your attack pair contains that trigger, ignore all effects with that trigger.
"A quick mind is the door to the world."

Pixel Tactics Unit Edit

Secondhand Sidekick Squad
PTDocSilnan Appears in: Pixel Tactics 3 STR LIFE
Doc Silnan 4 20
Assistant 3 6
Leader Heroes and leaders in your unit cannot take more than 4 damage from a single source at one time.
Vanguard Your other heroes cannot be targeted by melee attacks.
Flank Your other heroes are immune to 'apply damage' effects.
Rear Your other heroes are immune to 'defeat' effects.
Order Ongoing: Your heroes cannot take more than 3 damage from a single source at one time.

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