Type: Outsider - Outsiders are not native races to the World of Indines.

Even inside a summoner's circle, Daemons are a rare sight within Indines. Daemons hail from the Afterworld, a paralel world from Indines that can be accessed by traversing the Well of Souls , deep inside Gesselheim´s territory.

Daemons were sealed off from the world in ancient times by the gods of Indines. Now they guard the paths between the world of the living and the Afterworld, seeking souls to devour. The more tainted a soul with worldly pleasures and sins, the more delicious it appears to the daemons. All daemons serve Malephaise, their king, who judges the departed at the gates to the Afterworld.

It is unclear wich is the origin of daemons. The lore seems to point that they all descend from the Daemon King Malephaise , however, this does not seem to mean that they are direct spawns from him, as it has been confirmed by the relation between Adjenna and Nabatina that Daemons are originally beings from other races that were turned into their actual state. If this is done by magical means or exposure to Malephaise power it is currently unknown.

The Daemon King Malephaise has seven daughters, however, due to non-reproductive nature of daemons it is unknown what are the criteria to qualify as a daughter of Malephaise. All of Malephaise daughters are known to posess a relic that links them to a certain aspect to the Daemon King power, wich may imply that attunement to the Daemon King is the only condition to be part of this select group of individuals.

List of known DaemonsEdit

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