At the origin of the universe, where all existence begins, the Plane of Chaos stands. Here, vast cosmic energies give rise to new beings of unimaginable scale and power, snuffing them out again in the same instance. Those creatures that exist long enough to escape the primordial null and become self-aware are called Chaons. Not a true species, the individuals of this race vary widely in power, size, and capability, ranging from levels smaller and weaker than animals, all the way to the level of gods and beyond.

Chaons possess a will and intelligence, though their intelligences are often governed by indescribable logic operating on different principals than the mortals of Indines can comprehend.


Chaons resemble stars of varying sizes, and some even contain their own dimensions within their bodies.

Appearance on IndinesEdit

The World of Indines (or Prime World as is known to Chaons) sits at the center of all the planes and the cosmical leylines that hold it together demand that all existent beings present are "unified beigns". This is, that all conciousness/souls have a physical body that belongs to it (with the notable exception of humans). Thus a physical body is a condition that must be fulfilled to exist in the world.

When a being from an outside plane (with no physical body) enters the World of Indines the "planar gravity" of the world shifts them into physical manifestations of the energies that are composed of. However, there is a limit to how powerful a being can be to adapt into such body. Small entities like Rasps or Virians have usually no trouble to manifest physical bodies, however Chaons of cosmical magnitude may find themselves into an incomplete body that fails to harness all of their power (like Lavanina) or are simply denied of being able to manifest on the plane (like Oriana).

When they are able to enter the plane, they manifest on the most common "vessel" format for the plane. In the case of indines current state, they appear as having human form.

List of Known ChaonsEdit

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