Burgundy Twelve
Body Burgundy
Vital statistics
Title Division 13 Operative
Nation Willat
Physical attributes
Race Aberrant
Sex  ?
Age  ?
Fighting Style Unknown


Burgundy Twelve is a potential Backer's Choice character in the War: Extended Edition Kickstarter campaign.


When Magister Jeris Ieyes discovered a sentient color pattern while wandering the plane of chaos, he brought it back to Indines as a pet. Eventually the creature developed its own identity and sentience, and joined the ranks of Willat's Division 13 as Burgundy Twelve. Burgundy can create constructs of color that have temporary mass, allowing him to interact with the three dimensional world. The further these things move from his central body, the weaker his control over them grows.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Burgundy is a dedicated zoner with particularly vicious attacks that threaten the spaces he paints as he moves around. He can bring these color splashes to life to form his attacks and strike enemies from afar. He can also move around quickly and grow his paint spaces to increase control of the board.


Game appearances and playstyleEdit

War of Indines: Extended EditionEdit

  • Burgundy 'paints' the arena with markers as he moves about. He cannot fight directly. Instead, when calculating his ranges, he removes one of his paint markers and attacks from its position. This ability allows him to threaten areas all around the board without needing to put himself in direct danger.


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