Bruce Lee, born Lee Jun Fan (11/27/1940 - 07/20/1973), is the greatest martial arts movie star ever, and creator of his own fighting system, Jeet Kune Do. Among his films are classics like Enter the Dragon, The Big Boss, Way of the Dragon and The Green Hornet tv series. Bruce and his son Brandon are part of the AJG game Dragon Tides and, through them, became a guest promo fighter for War of Indines Remastered.

In BattleCON, Bruce utilizes a set of combo attacks that let him tack on extra damage and effects with the right setups.

Character Kit in BattleConEdit

Unique AbilitiesEdit

Ability & Subtitle Character Version Description
Rising Spirit

Martial Arts Legend

Original Bruce has 4 Follow-Up Attack Cards, and begins a duel with all of them. Once per Beat as an ante, he may play one of his Follow-Up Attack Cards.

After he makes a successful attack and all On Damage and After Activating effects resolve, Bruce may activate his Follow-Up Attack. This attack has its own Range, Damage, and Triggered Effects.

Whether he used his Follow-Up Attack or not, it goes to the Discard Pile with his Attack Pair and cycles through. Only once it returns to his hand can it be anted again.

Personal Styles and BasesEdit

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow Flying +0 -1 +1 Before Activating: Advance 1 space. If you are on the edge of the board, advance 1, 2, or 3 spaces instead.
Red Striking +0 -1 +1 On Hit: Push the opponent 1 or 2 spaces.
Green Flowing +0 -1 +1 This attack ignores Soak.

Your Follow-up Attacks ignore Soak.

After Activating: Retreat 1 or 2 spaces.

Blue Intercepting +0 +0 -1 Stun Guard 3

End of Beat: Move 1 or 2 spaces.

Orange Crashing +0 -1 +0 This attack ignores Stun Guard.

Start of Beat: Advance 1 or 2 spaces.

Grey Dragon 1 1 5 Your Follow-up Attack Cards gain +1 Power this Beat.

After Activating: Move up to 1 space.

FINISHER Furious Fists 1~3 0 6 On Hit: Perform any number of Follow-up attacks after this attack.
FINISHER Dragon’s Return 1~3 3 4 Stun Guard 4

On Hit: If you anted a Follow-up Attack, it has +3 Power.

Follow-up Attack Cards
Name Range Power Priority Effect
Triple Kick 2 3 N/A After Activating: Advance 1 space.
Spinning Backfist 1 2 N/A This attack ignores Soak.

On Hit: Gain +1 Power if the opponent has any Soak.

One-Inch Punch 1 3 N/A On Hit: Push the opponent up to 1 space per damage dealt with this attack.
Axe Kick 3 2 N/A After Activating: Advance 2 spaces.

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