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BattlleCon Online is the online webportal for online play of the BattleCon series.

Hosted at:

The web portal houses downloads for all print and play files as well as forums, game rankings and useful information about the game.

Through BattleCon Online some Print and Play exclusive characters have been offered to celebrate special seasonal events.

List of BattleCon Online Promo Packs by Release DateEdit

  • Helloween 2013 Hepzibah Culotre - Dressed in orange pumpkin themed witch dress. Features a new UA.
    • Currently Unavailable: (October 2013 only)
  • Christmas 2013 Kajia Septie Salix - Portrayed in Christmas Tree resembling foliage. Features a new UA.
    • Redeem Code: IGWT-25S3-7BJZ-PLW6 (December 2013 only)

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