Antine Frass
Vital statistics
Title Bookie
Nation Relecour
Physical attributes
Race Human
Sex Female
Fighting Style Unknown


First appeared in one of Gerard's Mercenary Cards in Devastation of Indines.  Also appears in Strikers as a backer created character and Pixel Tactics: The Price of Victory.




Game appearances and playstyleEdit

Devastation of IndinesEdit

  • Antine is one of Gerard's Mercenary Cards.  She allows him to gain gold faster if he is not stunned during a beat.


STRIKER Antine Frass
Blindside Support 1 Reveal: All antes are returned to their owners and have no effects.
Handshake Deal Ante Your opponent names a base. If your attack pair does not contain that base, you have +1 power and +1 priority.
Open Book Boost Your opponent names a style. If your attack pair does not contain that style, you have +2 power and +1 priority.
"Trust me, I'll make sure you win without a hitch..."


Pixel Tactics Unit Edit

Always on Your Side
PTAntine Appears in: Pixel Tactics: The Price of Victory STR LIFE
Antine Frass 1 18
Con Artist 3 4
Leader When this Leader takes more then one damage you may draw two cards or force another player to discard a card at random.
Vanguard Attack: Another hero has -6 life (to a minimum of 1) until the end of this wave.
Flank Your leader has +10 life.
Rear Your leader has +2 Attack Strength.
Order Remove 5 damage from all leaders.


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