Alice Zero
Vital statistics
Title Unknown
Nation Unknown
Physical attributes
Race Human
Sex Female
Age Unknown
Fighting Style Unknown


First appeared in Strikers as a backer created character.  Also appears in Pixel Tactics 3.




Game appearances and playstyleEdit


Pixel Tactics 3Edit



STRIKER Alice Zero
Shatter Plate Support 1~2 Stun Immunity, Soak 1

Before Activating: This attack has its power reduced by the amount of damage you have taken this beat.

Cerebral Plating Ante Negate all status boosts or penalties from a previous ante effect this beat.
Adaptive Engineering Boost You also gain the benefits of any stat bonuses or penalties applied to the nearest opponent.
"Your failure will no longer be tolerated. I am taking control."

Pixel Tactics UnitEdit

Prolific Protocol Practicioners
PTAlice Appears in: Pixel Tactics 3 STR LIFE
Alice Zero 3 25
Failsafe 2 6
Leader As a free action once per round, you may attach a card from your hand to this leader. Remove an attached card from the game at the end of each round, then draw 1 card. You have the Leader power of the attached card.
Vanguard Intercept
Flank When your leader takes damage from an attack, you may transfer all of that damage to this hero.
Rear When another hero would be defeated, you may defeat this hero instead and remove all damage from the other hero.
Order Discard your leader and put another card from your hand in its place. All damage on the old leader is transferred to the new.

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