Adirondack Galilei
Vital statistics
Title Puppet Master
Nation Unknown
Physical attributes
Sex Female
Age Unknown
Fighting Style Unknown


Quotes: Edit




Game appearances and playstyleEdit

BattleCon: War of IndinesEdit

Adirondack is a backer-created character, one of the Custom Character Pack Rewards for the original War Kickstarter. She was designed by Lynda Yang, then fianceé and now wife of Brad, and ilustrated by Yuting Lian. Only 15 copies of this character exist. Later her gameplay was refined and became the base for Tanis.


Character Kit in BattleConEdit

Unique AbilitiesEdit

Ability Name Character Version Description
Army of Dolls Original Adirondack begins a duel with her three doll markers in play. In any order, they begin in the space before, the space behind, and the same space as she does. These dolls do not take up space or prevent player movement.

Many of her attacks utilize the positioning of her dolls instead of her character.

Personal Styles and BasesEdit

Color Name Range Power Priority Effect
Yellow Ensnaring +0~1 +1 -1 Calculate the range of this attack based on Hachi's position.

On Damage: Adirondack's next attack has +2 power.

Red-diamond Snare +2~4 +0 +0 Calculate the range of this attack based on Cori's position.

Before Activating: Adirondack may trade position with any doll in an unoccupied space.

Green-tri Patchwork +0 +1 +0 Calculate this attacks range from the position of any of your dolls.

End of Beat: Move any one doll to any space on the board.

Blue-circle Whipstitch +1~2 +1 +0 After Activating: If the opponent is stunned, move the opponent to any unoccupied space.
Orange-pent Artificial +0~2 -1 +1 Calculate the range of this attack based on Raffi's position.

On Hit: The opponent must discard a token if he or she can.

Grey Strings 1~3 3 1 Negate all movement that would be applied to the opponent this turn.

After Activating: Move one of your dolls to any space on the board.

FINISHER Strings of Fate 1~3 3 6 This attack is executed 3 times, calculating its range from a different doll each time.

Additinoal MarkersEdit

Three doll markers: Cori, Hachi, and Raffi.

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